Mugberia Gangadhar Mahavidyalaya, Estd : 1964. Affiliated to Vidyasagar University. The College Has Been Reaccredited By NAAC B+' Grade, Community College, College With Potential For Excellence (CPE) and Awarded as Star College



Sr. No. Description

National Seminar on Philosophical Perspectives of Vivekananda and Tagore on Education in the Present Scenario, organized by department of Philosophy, dated 21st & 22nd Sept, 2011.


National Seminar on Physical Education for Fitness, Health and Well-being, organized by department of Physical Education, dated 29th & 30th Aug, 2011.


National Seminar on Physical Education for Quality of Life, organized by department of Physical Education, dated 22nd & 23rd Aug, 2009.


Seminar on Large Hadron Collider (LHC): Indian Context, organized by department of Physics, dated 18th Dec, 2008.


Seminar on Special Economic Zone - Its Economics, Politics and Concerns, organized by department of Economics, dated 5th Feb, 2009.


Seminar on Consumer Rights Festival on Consumer protection and Utilization Certificate, organized by department of Commerce, dated 3rd April, 2007.


Conference on Reservation Discrimination in India through ages with reference to Power, Politics and Economy (A-D) Guide line, organized by department of History & Economics, dated 08th Jan, 2008.


State level Seminar on Global Warming: Causes and Effects, organized by department of Zoology, dated 02nd Dec, 2011.


State level Seminar on Coastal Environment and Dune Ecology, organized by department of Botany, dated 19th Nov, 2011.


National Seminar on Role of Credit Co- operatives in Socio - Economic & Political Development in Rural India, organized by department of Commerce and Political Science, dated 24th & 25th Feb, 2012.


National Seminar on Socio economic and socio cultural perspective of Physical Education, organized by department of Physical Education, dated 10th & 11th May 2013.


National Seminar on FDI in retail sector and in derivative trading in India, organized by department of Commerce, dated 16th & 17th Aug, 2013.


Seminar on Financial education workshop, organized by department of Commerce, dated 22nd August, 2013.


National Seminar on Vivekanandas thoughts and its implementation in Higher Education, organized by department of Education, dated 20th & 21st Sept, 2013.


National Seminar on Philosophical Perspectives on Music: Theory and Practice, organized by department of Philosophy and Music, dated 22nd & 23rd Nov, 2013.


UGC sponsored 2 Days National Seminar on Enviornment Friendly Biodegradable Polymers : Present and Future, Dated 9th. & 10th. September 2015


UGC sponsored 2 Days National on The Importance of Intermolecular Interactions in Solid State X-Ray Crystal Structure. Dated 7th. & 8th. September 2015


UGC Sponsored 2 Days National Seminar on Recent Trend in Bio-Mathematical Modelling under uncertain environment. Dated 11th & 12th September 2015, Dept. of Mathematics.


UGC sponsored 2 Days National Seminar on History of the Relation Between Human Rights and Politics. Dated 4th. & 5th. December 2015


Seminar on The Institute of Cost Accountants of India - Career as a CMA. Dated 10.12.2015


UGC Sponsored 2 Days National Seminar on Economic Development Through Financial Inclusion. Dated 22nd. & 23rd December 2015


UGC sponsored National seminar on Psycho-social perspectives of physical education, Dept. of Physical education, Dated 09th and 10th Nov., 2016


UGC sponsored National seminar on God and the Universe-Religious and Scientific Approaches, Dept. of Sanskrit, 22nd and 23rd Nov., 2016


UGC sponsored National seminar on Philosophy And Music For Mental Development , Dept. of Philosophy and Music, 9th and 10th, Dec., 2016


Bangla Sahitye Madhya Yuger Nari Kendrik Alochona, Dept. of Bengali, 23rd Feb., 2017


Womens Empowerment-A Challenge in the 21st Century, Ogr. by Women cell and IQAC, 1st March, 2017


Seminar on information session for Higher Education in Europe by the European Higher Education Experts on 11.08.2017, organized by Dept. of Commerce.


Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray Memorial lecture on 03.08.2017 organized by dept. of Chemistry in collaboration with IQAC of the college


Ramanujan Memorial Lecture - Revisiting Mathematics - Past, Present and Future on 08.03.2018, organized by Dept. of Mathematics(UG and PG)


Ramanujan Memorial Lecture Series-II - Research Scope in Mathematics - Past, Present and Future on 26.03.2018, organized by Dept. of Mathematics(UG and PG)


International Seminar on Multidimensional Approach for Academic Accomplishment of Physical Education as a true Profession, Organized by Dept. of Physical Education in collaboration with IQAC of the college. Dated 13th and 14th July 2018.


APC Roy Memorial Lecture No. 3 A Science Devotee, Bengal Chemist and Patriotic Entrepreneur, Organized by Dept. of Chemistry in collaboration with IQAC of the college, dated 2nd August 2018.


International Conference On Green Engineering and Sustainable Development In Collaboration with Indian Chemical Society Kolkata, Org. by Dept. of Chemistry, Dated 20-21 August, 2018


International Seminar on Trends in Environmental History in India : Theories, Issues and Perspectives in collaboration with Paschimbanga Itihas Samsad, Org. by Dept. of History, Dated 23-24 August 2018.


One Day National Seminar on Environmental Hazards and Waste Management, Org. by Dept. of Zoology, Dated 28th August 2018.


A National Seminar on Recent Innovations in Food and Nutritional Sciences , Org. by Dept. of Nutrition in collaboration with IQAC of the College Dated 31st August 2018.


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and systematic teaching learning: prospects and challenges in rural setup, organized by IQAC, dated 4th and 5th December 2018


One Day Awareness Camp on Drug Abuse In India, Organized by Dept. of Chemistry, Dated 13th August 2019


APC Roy Memorial Lecture Series 3 on the occasion of 158th Birth Day of APC Roy and 150 years celebration of Periodic Table, Organized by Research Cell in collaboration with IQAC of the college, dated 19th August 2019.


One Day ICSSR(ERC) Sponsored National Seminar on Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar- A Great Social Reformer and Crusader of Women Empowerment, Organized by Mugberia Gangadhar Mahavidyalaya in Collaboration with Centre for Knowledge, Ideal and Development Studies, Kolkata, Dated 27th Setember 2019


One Day workshop for Innovation Day - the 79th birth anniversary of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, organized by Science Departments of the college in collaboration with IQAC on 15th October 2019.


An Awareness camp on Food Safety, organized by Dept. of Food Processing and Nutrition of the College, Dated 3th September 2019.


International Seminar on Globalization in Hospitality Industries- organized by Dept. of Tourism and Hotel Management of the college, Dated 30th September 2019.


Two Day National Level Seminar Cum Workshop on Eco- Friendly Sustainable Agriculture special attention on Mushroom Production, processing and Spawn Production in rural set up and Set up of Industrial Training College(IT) Skills Develovment and Employment generation for the Rural Community, Organised by Research Cell, Mugberia Gangadhar Mahavidyalaya , Dated 4th and 5th February2020


Ramanujan Memorial Lecture Series-3 , Role of Mathematics in the Development of Society , organised by department of Mathematics , Date - 11th February, 2020


One day National Webinar on Development of new Trends of Scientific Research to Combat COVID-19 , Organised by Research Cell in collaboration With IQAC , Mugberia Gangadhar Mahavidyalaya and Dept. of Environment Science , University of calcutta, Dated- 20.06.2020


Stress Management issued in the Woke of COVID-19 Organised by NSS Cell , Mugberia Gangadhar Mahavidyalaya, Dated-18.07.2020


Management after COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery Mandatory Roadmap , Dated-21.07.2020


One day national Webinar on Sustainable Waste recycling Towards Better Livelihood. , Dated- 31.07.2020


One day International Webinar on Recent Advance in Therapeutic use of chemicals Compounds and Drug Delivery Organized by Department of Chemistry and Research cell, Mugberia Gangadhar Mahavidyalaya Dated 02.08.2020


National Webinar on Challenges in Higher Education in India during and after COVID-19 pandemic. Organized by Department of Education in collaboration with research cell, Mugberia Gangadhar Mahavidyalaya dated 10.08.2020


One Day Webinar on Explore the career opportunities in Govt. Sector and Unlock the potential in you. Organized by Rice Education, Tamluk and Career Counseling cell,Mugberia Gangadhar Mahavidyalaya dated 22.08.2020.


One Day International webinar on Strengthening Mental Health through Music and Yoga in COVID-19 Pandemic. Organized by Department of Physical Education and Department of Music in Collaboration with research Cell, Mugberia Gangadhar Mahavidyalaya dated 24.08.2020.


Three Days International Webinar on Mathematical Modelling in the Context of Covit 19. Organised by Mathematics Department (UG and PG) of the College .Dated- 30th August 20 -1st September2020