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Institute Name: Mugberia Gangadhar Mahavidyalaya

Full Report

Sanctioned (Approved) Intake
Academic Year 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14 2012-13 2011-12
UG [3 Years Program(s)] 1335 1303 1209 --- --- ---
PG [2 Years Program(s)] 40 40 --- --- --- ---
Total Actual Student Strength (Program(s) Offered by Your Institution)
(All programs of all years) No. of Male Students No. of Female Students Total Students Within State (Including male & female) Outside State (Including male & female) Outside Country (Including male & female) Economically Backward (Including male & female) Socially Challenged (SC+ST+OBC Including male & female) No. of students receiving Freeships / Scholarships from the State and Central Government No. of students receiving Freeships / Scholarships from Institution Funds No. of students receiving Freeships / Scholarships from the Private Bodies No. of students who are not receiving any Freeships / Scholarships
UG [3 Years Program(s)] 1031 1119 2150 2150 0 0 1625 525 788 225 104 1033
PG [2 Years Program(s)] 32 27 59 59 0 0 18 41 41 0 0 18
Placement & Higher Studies

UG [3 Years Program(s)]: Placement & higher studies for previous 3 years

Academic Year No. of first year students intake in the year No. of first year students admitted in the year Academic Year No. of students admitted through Lateral entry Academic Year No. of students graduating in minimum stipulated time No. of students placed Median salary of placed graduates (Amount in Rs.) No. of students selected for Higher Studies
(2012-13) 1097 934 (2013-14) 0 (2014-15) 391 22 96000 (Ninety six thousand) 57
(2013-14) 1154 906 (2014-15) 0 (2015-16) 445 17 84000 (Eighty four thousand) 60
(2014-15) 1209 1115 (2015-16) 0 (2016-17) 399 27 96000 (Ninety six thousand) 58

PG [2 Years Program(s)]: Placement & higher studies for previous 3 years

Academic Year No. of first year students intake in the year No. of first year students admitted in the year Academic Year No. of students graduating in minimum stipulated time No. of students placed Median salary of placed graduates (Amount in Rs.) No. of students selected for Higher Studies
(2013-14) 0 0 (2014-15) 0 0 0 (Zero) 0
(2014-15) 40 40 (2015-16) 0 0 0 (Zero) 0
(2015-16) 40 40 (2016-17) 40 40 84000 (Eighty Four Thousand) 0

Financial Resources: Utilised Amount for the Capital & Operational expenditure for previous 3 years
Financial Year 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15
Utilised Amount Utilised Amount Utilised Amount
Annual Capital Expenditure on Academic Activities and Resources (excluding expenditure on buildings)
Library 472266 (Four Lakhs Seventy two thousand Two hundred Sixty six only) 149020 (One Lkah Forty nine thousand Twenty only) 157623 (One Lakh Fifty seven thousand Six hundred Twenty three only)
New Equipment for Laboratories 791947 (Seven Lakh Ninety one thousand Nine hundred forty seven only) 420740 (Four Lakhs Twenty thousand Seven hundred Forty only) 207244 (Two Lakh SEven thousand Two hundred Forty four only)
Engineering Workshops 0 (Zero) 0 (Zero) 0 (Zero)
Studios 0 (Zero) 0 (Zero) 0 (Zero)
Other expenditure on creation of Capital Assets (excluding expenditure on Land and Building) 187299 (one lakh eighty seven thousand two hendred ninety nine only) 411152 (four lakhs eleven thousand one hundred fifty two only) 476091 (four lakhs seventy six thousand ninty one only)
Annual Operational Expenditure
Salaries (Teaching and Non Teaching staff) 32233504 (Three Cores Twenty two Lakhs Thirty three thousand Five hundred Four only) 32468170 (Three Cores Twenty four Lakhs Sixty eight thousand One hundred Seventy only) 30755737 (Three Cores Seven Lakhs Fifty five thousand Seven hundred Thirty seven only)
Maintenance of Academic Infrastructure or consumables, other running expenditures etc. (excluding maintenance of hostels and allied services) 2304932 (twenty three lakhs four thousand nine hundred thirty two only ) 3104618 (thirty one lakhs four thousand six hundred eighteen only) 3680614 (thirty six lakhs eighty thousand six hundred fourteen only )
Seminars/Conferences/Workshops 465916 (FourLakhs Sixty five thousand Nine hundred Sixteen only) 825921 (Eight Lakhs Twenty five thousand Nine hundred Twenty one only) 0 (Zero)
Total actual students strength in the corresponding academic year. 0 0 0

PCS Facilties: Facilities of physically challenged students
1. Do your institution buildings have Lifts/Ramps? Yes, in all the buildings
2. Does your institution have provision for walking aids, includingwheelchairs and transportation from one building to another for handicapped students? No
2. Do your institution have provision for walking aids, includingwheelchairs and transportation from one building to another for handicapped students? No
3. Do your institution buildings have specially designed toilets for handicapped students? Yes, in all the buildings
5. Do you have Braille lab / special lab for blind / handicapped students? Yes
6. Do you have special facilities for blind students(such as text to audio convertor, screen magnification software, special provision for examination)? Yes

Faculty Details
SrnoNameAgeDesignationGenderQualificationExperience (In Months)Is Associated Last YearCurrently working with institution?Joining DateLeaving DateAssociation type
1Abani Kumar Tripathy58Associate ProfessorMaleM.COM372YesYes24-01-1986---Regular
2Alok Ranjan Khatua42Assistant ProfessorMaleM. Phil88YesYes30-03-2010---Regular
3Amrit Dash36OtherMaleM.A159YesYes29-08-2006---Regular
4Anindita Si50OtherFemaleMP.Ed.214YesYes01-12-1999---Regular
5Arpita Das30OtherFemaleM.Sc.63YesYes20-08-2010---Regular
6Arup Mahato31OtherMaleNET40NoYes19-02-2014---Adhoc / Contractual
7Asim Kumar Jana29OtherMaleM.Sc.76YesYes01-08-2011---Other
8Atanu Kumar Nanda47OtherMaleMP.Ed.205YesYes01-09-2000---Other
9Banashree Roy Chakraborty34OtherFemaleM.A99YesYes01-08-2009---Regular
10Barnali Maji44OtherFemaleM.Sc.182YesYes02-09-2002---Regular
11Biswadyuti Bera29OtherMaleM.Sc.62YesYes29-08-2012---Other
12Biswajit Dhali25OtherMaleNET3NoYes17-07-2017---Adhoc / Contractual
13Biswajit Samanta38OtherMaleM.A99YesYes26-07-2009---Regular
14Chandan Khanra37OtherMaleM.Sc.75NoYes28-07-2011---Other
15Debraj Manna29OtherMaleM.Sc.50NoYes12-08-2013---Other
16Devmita Dinda32OtherFemaleM.Sc.99YesYes15-07-2009---Regular
17Dr Adityanarayan Adak31OtherMalePh.D27NoYes01-08-2015---Adhoc / Contractual
18Dr Apurba Giri34Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D38YesYes22-05-2014---Regular
19Dr Arpan Dhara29OtherMalePh.D4NoYes01-08-2017---Other
20Dr Bidhan Chandra Samanta39Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D127YesYes18-12-2006---Regular
21Dr Bodhisattya Pradhan35OtherMalePh.D71NoYes04-11-2011---Adhoc / Contractual
22Dr Debasis Ray57OtherMalePh.D181NoYes01-10-2002---Adhoc / Contractual
23Dr Goutam Barman43Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D5NoYes01-06-2017---Regular
24Dr Kalipada Maity38Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D128YesYes24-11-2006---Regular
25Dr Monoranjan Das42Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D131YesYes01-08-2006---Regular
26Dr Nabakumar Ghosh46Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D28YesYes01-04-2015---Regular
27Dr Narottam Sutradhar34Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D4NoYes15-06-2017---Regular
28Dr Pintu Roy Chowdhury41Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D31YesYes14-12-2014---Regular
29Dr Prasenjit Ghosh40Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D167YesYes22-08-2003---Regular
30Dr Sandip De46OtherMalePh.D51NoYes01-08-2013---Adhoc / Contractual
31Dr Siddhartha Chatterjee37Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D88YesYes27-03-2010---Regular
32Dr Soumen Das36Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D12NoYes08-11-2016---Regular
33Dr Sourav Sikdar32Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D9NoYes19-01-2017---Regular
34Dr Subhas Chandra55Associate ProfessorMalePh.D211YesYes22-12-1999---Regular
35Dr Sutapa Saha46Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D88YesYes31-03-2010---Regular
36Dr Swapan Kumar Misra55Dean / Principal / Director / Vice ChancellorMalePh.D322YesYes25-04-2008---Regular
37Dr Swapan Kumar Sarkar59Associate ProfessorMalePh.D346YesYes27-09-1988---Regular
38Gourchand Manna25OtherMaleM.Sc.4NoYes25-07-2017---Other
39Goutam Kumar Jana39OtherMaleM.Sc.147YesYes09-07-2005---Regular
40Goutam Maity26OtherMaleM.A47YesYes06-12-2013---Other
41Irani Banerjee Chatterjee38Assistant ProfessorFemaleM. Phil5NoYes25-05-2017---Regular
42Jishu Krishna Jana28OtherMaleMP.Ed.50YesYes01-08-2013---Other
43Jonaki Biswas44Assistant ProfessorFemaleSLET183YesYes02-04-2002---Regular
44Jyoti Mitra39Assistant ProfessorMaleM. Phil88YesYes27-03-2010---Regular
45Kalipada Barik29OtherMaleM.A50YesYes06-06-2013---Other
46Kalyanmoy Jana32OtherMaleM.Sc.96YesYes04-11-2009---Regular
47Keya Dash23OtherFemaleM.Sc.3NoYes17-07-2017---Other
48Kingshuk Karan29Assistant ProfessorMaleSLET9NoYes19-01-2017---Regular
49Kousik MOndal33OtherMaleM.Sc.63YesYes17-08-2010---Regular
50Krishnabandhu Das29Assistant ProfessorMaleSLET8NoYes27-02-2017---Regular
51Manas Khalua31Assistant ProfessorMaleNET11NoYes20-12-2016---Regular
52Minu Seikh25OtherMaleNET25NoYes05-10-2015---Adhoc / Contractual
53Mithu Roy28Assistant ProfessorMaleSLET5NoYes22-05-2017---Regular
54Moumita Samanta28OtherFemaleM.Sc.50NoYes06-08-2013---Other
55Paltu Malik31OtherMaleM. Phil4NoYes17-07-2017---Adhoc / Contractual
56Pranati Bera26OtherFemaleM.Sc.3NoYes17-07-2017---Other
57Pranga Paramita Pradhan32OtherFemaleM.A.(Economics)96YesYes24-10-2009---Regular
58Pratima Bhakta47OtherFemaleM.Sc.242YesYes01-09-1997---Regular
59Purnima Mandal24OtherMaleM.Sc.4NoYes18-07-2017---Other
60Radhakrishna Dinda48OtherMaleM.COM202YesYes09-01-2001---Regular
61Raju Mazumdar26OtherMaleM.Sc.29YesYes04-05-2015---Other
62Ranita Bain32Assistant ProfessorFemaleSLET6NoYes03-05-2017---Regular
63Ranjit Kumar Giri42OtherMaleM.COM205YesYes14-09-2000---Regular
64Rathindranath Jana30OtherMaleM.COM41YesYes02-06-2014---Other
65Rita Pradhan31OtherFemaleM.Sc.99YesYes05-08-2009---Regular
66Roma Das Sasmal49OtherFemaleM. Phil170YesYes08-09-2003---Regular
67Rupam Mal23OtherMaleM.Sc.3NoYes31-07-2017---Other
68Sambhu Manna26Assistant ProfessorMaleM. Phil9NoYes03-02-2017---Regular
69Sanatan Adhikary36Assistant ProfessorMaleNET32YesYes12-11-2014---Regular
70Sandipan Jana42OtherMaleM.A182YesYes02-09-2002---Regular
71Shilpa Maity23OtherFemaleM.Sc.15YesYes08-08-2016---Other
72Shnaoli Giri25OtherFemaleM.Sc.24NoYes17-08-2016---Other
73Sk Khabiruddin35OtherMaleM. Phil94NoYes12-01-2010---Adhoc / Contractual
74Somnath Bhunia33OtherMaleM. Phil99YesYes01-08-2009---Regular
75Soumen Mukherjee43OtherMaleNET107YesYes01-12-2008---Regular
76Sourav Panda23OtherMaleM.Sc.1NoYes25-10-2017---Other
77Sudarsan Adak43OtherMaleM.COM214YesYes05-01-2000---Regular
78Sudip Giri28OtherMaleM.A50YesYes06-12-2013---Other
79Sudipta Das30OtherFemaleNET27NoYes20-07-2015---Adhoc / Contractual
80Sudipto Birbongshi24OtherMaleNET4NoYes17-07-2017---Adhoc / Contractual
81Sujal Kumar Bera46OtherMaleM.A204YesYes01-11-2003---Regular
82Sujaya Mahapatra26OtherFemaleM.Sc.16YesYes05-08-2016---Other
83Sujoy Das34OtherMaleM.A112YesYes05-08-2010---Regular
84Suman Kumar Giri30OtherMaleM.Sc.74YesYes25-07-2011---Other
85Sumana Jana38OtherFemaleM. Phil147YesYes01-08-2005---Regular
86Suparna Jana32OtherFemaleM.A82YesYes13-01-2011---Other
87Susanta Kumar Bera38OtherMaleM.A108YesYes17-08-2008---Regular
88Susmita Jana30OtherFemaleM.A39YesYes19-07-2014---Other
89Sutapa Giri32OtherFemaleNET108YesYes03-11-2008---Regular
90Swati Paul43OtherFemaleM.A134YesYes25-08-2006---Regular
91Tanusri Maity27OtherFemaleM.Sc.51YesYes12-08-2013---Other

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